Acne Studio


Face Reality Acne Program
(Julia Padilla LE, Certified Acne Specialist)

Tried everything to clear your acne? Give us a call for a consultation.

Face Reality has designed a program specifically for acne sufferers. It is a proven regimen including treatments and at home product use. This program requires work on your part, with your treatment program, lifestyle changes and your compliance with the product regimen.

If you are serious about getting rid of your acne, give us a call to learn more. Feel free to visit facerealityacneclinic.com to learn more about the founder of the program.


$45.00 Consultation


$85.00 Consultation & Treatment


$65.00 Acne Treatment


$85.00 Body Acne Treatment

Expect to pay about $130- $150 for your first set acne products at your first appointment. We do not offer treatments for clients that do not use our home care products.

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Please make sure to read below:


Concurrent Skincare Treatment Policy

Face Reality does not allow other skin care treatments while you are being treated at Face Reality Acne Clinic, including treatments from outside Certified Face Reality Acne Specialists.

Health Issues:

  • If you are prone to cold sores, please take an antiviral medication before your appointment. If you have a cold sore, please wait until it is healed before coming in for an appointment. (We cannot perform a treatment if you have a cold sore.)
  • It is our policy that we will not work on anyone who is exhibiting cold or flu symptoms, or currently has an infection of any kind, for the health and wellness of our staff and other clients. We ask that if you have a cold, fever, the flu, infection, virus or feel as though one is coming on, please cancel and re-schedule your appointment. If you have a cold, infection, virus or similar illness, when you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked to re-schedule your appointment.

For New Clients:

  • If you have been on any prescription topical product (i.e., Differin, Retin A,Clindamycin, Epiduo, etc.) you MUST discontinue use for two weeks prior to your appointment. Consult your doctor.
  • If you have been on Accutane equivalents, you MUST discontinue use for at least a month prior to coming in for your first appointment. Consult your doctor.
  • If, after the consultation, you decide to continue with us as an acne client, you will be required to purchase the recommended products.
  • If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (over 18) at your initial appointment.