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Chemical Peels

Experience the transformative effects of clinical skin treatments, like the Dermaplaning and Dermafiling for deep exfoliation. There are also different types of chemical peels to choose from, which will help to lift and rejuvenate the skin.

Chemical peels is an exfoliation treatment that uses a chemical solution to smooth the texture of your skin by removing the outer layers. Depending on the strength of the peel, will also penetrate the outer layers to aid the correction of many skin issues.

Although chemical peels are used mostly on the face, they can also be used to improve the skin on your neck and hands.

A chemical peel is one of the least invasive ways to improve the appearance of your skin. Sun exposure, acne, or just getting older can leave your skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred.

A chemical peel can help improve:

  • Acne or acne scars
  • Age and liver spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Scars
  • Irregular skin pigmentation
  • Rough skin and scaly patches
  • Sun-damaged skin

$85.00 Level 1


$100.00 level 2


$135.00 Level 3

Days of exfoliation

Best done in a series – available at 15% savings

Post Treatment Kit included with full price service

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