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All About Reiki

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In today’s health and wellness landscape, “massage” is a term that encapsulates an incredibly broad range of techniques, modalities, treatments and benefits. In order to maximize those benefits, you have to combine the right technique with a knowledgeable, capable massage therapist, who understands both the technique itself and the way the body should respond to it.

Put simply, reiki is a non-invasive and non-manipulative treatment that channels a healing energy from the hands of the therapist into the body of the recipient. Reiki can encourage relaxation, promote healing, and reduce pain, among other benefits.

The concept of reiki healing energy has been around for thousands of years, and in early 20th century Japan, a variety of modern reiki practices had taken hold, including reiki ryoho, reikan tonetsu ryoho, and seido reishojutsu.

But much of what we practice in the 21st century Western world stems from a reiki technique created by Mikao Usui in 1922. In the 1930s, Hawayo Takata, a Hawaiian woman of Japanese descent, brought Usui’s reiki technique to the United States.

A reiki session begins similar to other massage or healing sessions, with the patient lying down. The reiki therapist will position their hands in specific placements over or lightly touching the patient’s body. By channeling their reiki training, the therapist is able to direct a flow of healing energy into the patient’s body.

You might consider reiki a sort of guided meditation but with more emphasis on the physical body and the energy flowing between two people. At its most basic level, reiki reduces anxiety—an effect which creates a number of physiological benefits. Stress causes physical symptoms even in healthy bodies; when people are suffering from ailments, stress reduction frees up the body’s ability to heal itself. Reiki can be an invaluable part of this process.

But skilled reiki practitioners can also adjust a reiki session in order to focus the healing energy on ailments or conditions specific to the recipient. While a single session can bring immediate and tangible benefits, reiki healing is also cumulative. Regular sessions with bring increased benefits.

Reiki also pairs well with other forms of massage and with many forms of Western medicine. While many types of Western massage focus on physical manipulation of the body, reiki’s energy-centric focus ensures that the whole person is being treated.

Experience reiki for yourself from Bellagena’s highly trained and experienced therapists. We’re happy to help you heal.

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