Bellagena is a skin care studio and med spa located in Bradenton, Florida
No More Resolutions: New Year, New Lifestyle

No More Resolutions: New Year, New Lifestyle

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Julia Padilla - Carr

Julia had the vision of creating a clinical skin care studio with the traditional spa atmosphere for many years. Julia is a Licensed Aesthetician, Licensed Electrologist, and Certified Laser Hair Removal Technician in the State of Florida.

Happy January! The weather is beautiful, the southwest Florida setting is as wonderful as ever, and perhaps you recently received the gift of a luxury massage or state-of-the-art skincare session from your favorite Bradenton med spa. 2022 is looking great—and you’re going to be looking great for it!

But we know how it goes: New Year’s enthusiasm quickly fades away, and we’re soon running ourselves ragged again. We enjoy a few holiday treats and then go back to the same-old grind in a month or too.

That’s why the pros at Bradenton’s Bellagena are here to help you incorporate a healthy body and well-rested mind into your everyday life, year-round. This isn’t about holidays; it’s about habits.

After all, our experts offer our top-of-the-line med-spa services year-round—right around the corner on Manatee Avenue West. If you live in Bradenton, or even if you’re just here part-time, why wouldn’t you make expert, medically supervised aesthetic maintenance and attention part of your routine?

Bradenton Skincare Services

Just one facial makes a huge difference. The very first time you walk out of the Bellagena studio, you’ll feel refreshed and look as good as you feel!

But remember: One facial can’t possibly last you for 12 months. Your skin is a major part of your body—a living, breathing organism. Your skin needs to be nourished, hydrated, cleaned and, yes, pampered on a regular basis. That kind of ongoing, expert attention is how skin looks and lives at its healthiest, from January through December and for years to come.

And Bradenton skincare requires special treatment in and of itself. In addition to your skin type, age, history, and other factors, our beautiful sunshine, humid climate, and refreshing Gulf breezes create a unique environment that affects your skin. You need local experts who can ensure that your skin recovers, endures, and thrives in the Bradenton air.

Bellagena certified aestheticians combine world-class experience, state-of-the-art techniques, and an intimate knowledge of local conditions—and how they change from month to month—for truly exceptional Bradenton skincare.

Bradenton Luxury Massages

The true Bradenton medical spa experience includes a wide array of massage options. Whether it’s hot stone treatment, deep-tissue massage, reflexology, or the latest cupping treatments that Olympic athletes rely on, a massage is a non-invasive, highly effective way to promote healing and improve the overall health of your musculoskeletal system.

Additionally, the improved physical wellbeing that’s achieved through regular, skilled massage is proven to promote brain and emotional wellbeing, too.

Live Your Best Bradenton Life, All Year Long

A new, healthy habit is not a chore, especially when it means taking an hour out of your week to care for yourself. You can improve your health, your outlook, and lifestyle—and look forward to doing it week after week.

The problem is, some people think of spa services only as “treats,” or “indulgences,” only to be enjoyed on rare occasions. As amazing as a single visit is, ongoing treatments will change your life.

So when you come to Bellagena this month to enjoy your post-holiday pampering, be sure to schedule your next visit before you leave. This is the kind of healthy New Year’s habit that’s easy to stick with.

Don't Get Left Out!

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