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Why Skincare Should Include the Neck and Décolleté

Why Skincare Should Include the Neck and Décolleté

Written by:

Julia Padilla - Carr

Julia had the vision of creating a clinical skin care studio with the traditional spa atmosphere for many years. Julia is a Licensed Aesthetician, Licensed Electrologist, and Certified Laser Hair Removal Technician in the State of Florida.

When it comes to skincare, you probably put your face first. Whether it’s your eyes, brow, forehead, lips or jawline, you have a lot of facial features to focus on when it comes to presenting a healthy, youthful appearance.

But here’s why you need to start making your neck and décolleté—that is, the upper portion of your chest—skincare priorities.


Overlooked Skin

We get it, the neck and décolleté aren’t the stars of the beauty game. You give your face a lot of skincare attention because it’s the first thing people notice. And it’s what people tend to consciously focus on in conversation. Your face is a big part of how you express yourself.

But people notice your neck and décolleté, too, even if they’re not consciously focusing on those areas. They’re also making a significant contribution to how you present yourself.

And that contribution might not be especially positive because these areas are so often overlooked. Especially because they’re right next to your well-cared-for face. That comparison can be very stark.

That’s why we need to make a concerted effort to care for this skin, too. We have to overcome the traditional, outdated skincare routines we grew up with. And we have to readjust our habits to include the neck and décolleté, too.

Physiological Disadvantages

In fact, you could almost argue that the skin on your neck and décolleté actually need even more attention than the skin on your face. That’s because these areas of your body have two physiological disadvantages when compared to your face. 

First of all, this skin is actually even more sensitive than your face. The skin on your neck and décolleté is especially thin, and therefore prone to showing wrinkles.

And on top of that thinness, the skin on your neck and décolleté has far fewer sebaceous glands than your face. Sebaceous glands emit a natural oil that hydrates the skin and helps to protect it. With fewer sebaceous glands, your neck and décolleté are more vulnerable to the sun and other elements.

Easy Improvements

Not to fear! Now that you know about the importance of including your neck and décolleté in your skincare routine, the improvements you can make will be both simple and hugely effective.

If you’re under 40, just be sure to include your neck and décolleté in your facial skincare regimen. Whatever’s good for the face is good for the skin just below it, too.

If you’re over 40, there are products available that are specifically designed for the neck and décolleté. Check with our aestheticians, who can guide you to the right products and routines that will work for you.

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