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HIIT It, Girl!

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Anti-aging benefits of exercising with HIIT.


HIIT—or high-intensity interval training— is fast-paced workouts that alternate short bursts of exercise with quick recovery periods. HIIT has been shown to burn more calories in less time than traditional training sessions. It also “boosts metabolism, melts fat,  build muscle, and more”. Recently, Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered yet another benefit of HIIT: it can reverse signs of aging at the cellular level (MacMillan par. 1)!

At the end of a 12-week study done by the journal Cell Metabolism, younger volunteers experienced a 49% boost in mitochondrial capacity—the cell’s ability to take in oxygen and produce energy—while older folks experienced an even more dramatic 69%  increase. “ Mitochondria and ribosomes are organelles that are important for metabolism and aerobic fitness but tend to deteriorate as people get older. Keeping these structures healthy can reverse some signs of age-related decline within cells” (MacMillan par. 5).

Exercise can also go a long way toward “cleaning up” and toning your skin. According to  Dalton Wong, a celebrity trainer featured in a previous Telegraph
article, engaging in the  correct exercises will help you tone your skin similar to the same way you tone your  muscles :

“If you tone your body in the right way, you can also tone your skin….The key in training to tone your skin is to focus on increasing lean muscle mass. As we age, our skin naturally loses its plumping,  youthful layer of fat. But if you exercise the right way, you can build up muscle which gives that same volatizing effect…. It’s the lean muscle mass that sits just under the surface which can create a lifted,  taught looking, skin” (Young).

Exercises such as lunges, press ups, or planks can aid in your body and skin toning routine.  According to Young, a circuit of three to four sets of weight-bearing exercises, interspersed with two to four minutes cardio repeated four times is ideal (Young). When you’re done with your workout, stop by Bellagena Spa for 15% off exfoliation packages! Keep calm and sweat on!


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