Benefits of Vitamin C Part II

In September’s blog, we explored the many benefits of Ascorbic acid, AKA Vitamin C, when it comes to health and beauty. Vitamin C is our favorite go-to healthcare product because of its antioxidants, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties. We stick by our product spotlight of September’s blog: Sanitas Vita C Serum. (This product is “a nutrient

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Welcome, Dr. Chapman!

Learn more about Bellagena’s Functional Medicine practitioner... We would like to welcome Dr. Pamela Chapman to the Bellagena Family. Dr. Chapman is a  functional medicine doctor that believes women deserve to feel radiant. Her practice with functional medicine makes her an expert in restoring the digestive system, fatigue,  detoxification, stress, and more! I had the

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Foam Rolling

Get that hurt-so-good roll and focus on those muscles. I’m sure you’ve seen those crazy gym junkies who are quick to grab this weirdly shaped piece of ‘equipment’ before or after a workout. They roll themselves, back and forth, until every part of their body has rubbed across the foam. They may look foolish to

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Summer Skincare 

Tips for skincare this season. Despite it being vacation season, the summer is no time to be slacking on your skincare routine. You should be refocusing your attention to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.  Even the simplest things, like your scalp to your lips to hair nails, need as much attention as your face

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What is Glycation? 

Tips to fight Glycation! When we consume too many sugary foods, our body can react in a weird and unappealing way. The sugars can react with proteins and fats, producing harmful molecules called  “advanced glycation end products ”. This process is called “glycation.” As a result, collagen and elastin in our bodies become discolored, weak,

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