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What Can Therapeutic Massage Do for You?

What Can Therapeutic Massage Do for You?

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Julia Padilla - Carr

Julia had the vision of creating a clinical skin care studio with the traditional spa atmosphere for many years. Julia is a Licensed Aesthetician, Licensed Electrologist, and Certified Laser Hair Removal Technician in the State of Florida.

On today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the various types of therapeutic massage we offer and their benefits.

If you’ve ever had any kind of massage, then you know it just makes you feel good. (And if you haven’t experienced a massage, what are you waiting for?)

The truth is, massages offer more than just a good feeling, and their therapeutic benefits go more than skin deep.

And, like so many spa treatments rooted in medical science, massages are only beneficial when you experience them firsthand from a professional. So feel free to gather your research (both here and from unaffiliated medical resources). Then go ahead and book your Bradenton massage with Bellagena’s expert certified massage therapists today.

What is Massage?

Massage in general refers to soft-tissue “manipulation”—that is, applying targeted pressure and facilitated movement to the muscles, fascia, and connective tissue, as well as blood vessels and all the many components of the blood itself.

When performed by trained, licensed professionals, massage is often used for (and associated with) reducing musculoskeletal tension and managing the pain associated with sore muscles and stiff joints.

Additionally, that massage-facilitated pain relief directly affects mental stress. So regular massages are commonly used to improve mental and emotional wellbeing as well. No matter your physical, medical or emotional background, massage can be an effective tool for relaxation and stress relief.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Beyond general wellness, therapeutic massage offers targeted treatment as well as physical maintenance and preventative measures for certain conditions associated with chronic pain, injuries, headaches, and more.

A licensed massage therapist who conducts a thorough background history and talks to you about your body and your goals can recommend the appropriate therapeutic massage techniques and regimen to suit your needs.

What Kinds of Therapeutic Massages are Available?

Among our Bradenton massage studio’s full menu of massage, therapeutic massage, and reflexology options, Bellagena offers neuromuscular, deep tissue, trigger point, and hot stone treatments.

Neuromuscular massage: Neuromuscular massage therapy is often paired with chronic and/or acute back pain. But these techniques can be used to address and alleviate a number of conditions caused by injury, nervous system disorders, repetitive movement, stress, compression, posture, and circulation issues. Neuromuscular massage practitioners study for years in order to be able to target the nerves themselves while understanding the physiological relationships between various nerves, fibers, muscles, and joints.

Deep-tissue massage: Instead of nerves, deep-tissue massage therapists manipulate the fibers and tissues—muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia—well below the skin’s surface. This massage therapy technique combines concentrated pressure with slow movements to relieve known areas of chronic tension in the human body.

Trigger-point massage: Trigger-point massage goes right to where you’ve pinpointed an area of tension or injury—usually called a “knot”—in your own body. Depending on the nature and extent of the injury itself, a trigger-point massage can go a long way to facilitating recovery in just a single session. However, if the injury is due to poor posture or other chronic or repeated behaviors, trigger-point massage therapy may be necessary as an ongoing massage regimen.

Hot stone massage: By incorporating natural tools into the massage therapy session, hot stone massage offers a combination of increased therapeutic heat modalities and harder, more concentrated pressure. Both of these benefits allow the therapy to penetrate deeper tissues. The stones, which are natural basalt, have been specially honed for the purpose of this therapy. The therapist will apply them to specific points on your body and move them in long, gliding strokes.

With these and many other massage options available from our professional therapy team here at Bellagena, it may be best to speak to one of our therapists first in order to best determine the therapeutic massage technique that works best for you. Call us today to begin your therapeutic massage journey.

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