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Summer Skincare 

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Tips for skincare this season.

Despite it being vacation season, the summer is no time to be slacking on your skincare routine. You should be refocusing your attention to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.  Even the simplest things, like your scalp to your lips to hair nails, need as much attention as your face routine. Bellagena has compiled a list for you to refer to when reevaluating your routine this season.

1. Pucker Up

Don’t forget your lips; they need sunscreen too! They are many brands of chapstick that have SPF 30 or higher for your smackers! A little dab on your lips of normal sunscreen never hurt anyone either.

2.  Little ​Mist Thang

Heading to the beach and want to beat dehydration? Bring along a bottle of face mist in your cooler so you can mist your face and body when you’re feeling a little dry. ​Evian  Natural Mineral Water Face Spray ​can calm and soothe irritated skin while boosting skin’s hydration.

3.  Help Your Scalp

Yes! The sensitive skin along your hairline can get burned! Use a sunscreen spray of at least  SPF 30. Using a spray can prevent the goopiness of cream-based SPF in your hair.

4.  Cool It

Washing off the sun and sand after a long day? Hot showers after sun exposure further dry skin. Cooldown the temperature; a cool shower after excess sweating helps to keep skin clear, decreasing acne breakouts!

5.  Scrub and Rub

“One of the most effective ways to exfoliate during the summer is to use a scrub on dry skin before you shower,” says dermatologist Jeannette Graf. “Pay special attention to knees and elbows. Finish with a rich body cream or oil within three minutes of toweling off.”  Check out Bellagena’s variety of options for exfoliation like ​Dermafile​ and ​Dermaplane.

6.  Spot Off

Melasma is a common skin discoloration consisting of dark spots, which can develop on the forehead, cheeks, and upper lip. It is a summertime skin risk. Apply a dark spot corrector nightly. Ask your esthetician for version good for your skin type.

7.  Banning Blemishes

Body acne can happen at any time of the year, but it’s more common during sweatier months.  Check out ​Face Reality’s Acne Face and Body Wash and Scrub ​to clear up those blemishes.  You can also talk to Julia Padilla LE, our Certified Acne Specialist on products to use.

8.  Bug Bites

As much as you’d like to, don’t scratch at your bug bites! Bug bites can itch and linger for  weeks after they become inflamed. If you happen to get stuck with a sting, Dr. Reich suggests using Aveeno Hydrocortisone 1% Anti-Itch Cream ($4; twice daily until itching resolves.

9. Yummy! SPF!

There’s some evidence that oral intake of vitamins C and E together can limit the potential for sunburn. A salad with vitamin C-rich citrus, berries, tomatoes, and vitamin E-rich nuts is an ideal SPF meal.


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