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Science & Beauty Sleep – Why a Night Routine is Essential

Written by:

Brian Deckard

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As the sun slowly beings to shine through your window, warming your face, all you can
think about is the blaring sound of your alarm triggers a twinge of panic as you scramble
for your phone to see if you’re late for work. By the grace of some higher power, you’ve
managed to skip the snooze, and you’re right on schedule.
As you rise from your slumber and make your way to the bathroom, what’s one of the
first things you do? I’m guessing one of your first tasks is your daily face care routine.
Wash, tone, serums and/or moisturizers. All steps are a great way to start the day and
essential for the health of your skin. So what about your night routine?
I can say with certainty, there have been many nights where my level of exhaustion has
been so maxed out; just taking off my clothes was a chore, let along washing my face.
But after learning about the importance of sticking to your nightly skincare routine, I’ve
created a list of four reasons (and products to use), that will leave your waking
refreshed and your skin positively glowing:

Correct & Repair
Just like our bodies and brains, our skin needs time to correct and repair itself.
Nighttime is the best time for this. According to Tuck, during our sleep cycle, our bodies
have a surge in growth hormones and collagen. This increase allows tissue and muscle
to repair themselves. It also allows our bodies to increase cell production and slows the
breakdown proteins, which is a building block for repairing UV and stress damage to the


Breaking Barriers
During the day, we build up some serious walls around our skin to protect it from the
harsh environments we’re exposed too. At night, while we’re sleeping, our “great wall” of
protection becomes more permeable. This allows your skin to absorb all of the
goodness found in serums and moisturizers.


Division (Math Skills Not Required)
Ok, so math is definitely not my strong suit, but this math problem is an easy one. As we
sleep, our cell division increases. This happens because it’s encoded in our internal
clock. A study completed at Cambridge University shows – “cells, and whole organisms,
respond to the time of day in a pattern according to their internal ‘circadian clock.” This
window works hand-in-hand with the rejuvenation of growth hormones and collagen.


Slows Down Aging
As we get older, our Mitochondrial function declines. What this means, is the “digestive
system” inside each cell slows stops breaking down the nutrition we need to create

the energy-rich molecules for the cell. By delaying this function, we slow down the hands of
time to reduce aging. Hey, who doesn’t want to look younger for longer?!
So now that you know the reasons why it’s so important to have a nighttime routine,
here’s what to consider when picking your skincare products.
Because our sleep cycle is a time for the repair, choose a skin-type appropriate serum or
moisturizer that is designed to renew your skin. While we’re talking moisturizers, I also
recommend an eye cream. Not only does it target the delicate skin under your eyes, but
it’s also vital in battling fine lines and wrinkles.
The last key to completing your nightly routine is to including a mask. Whether it’s a
cleansing clay mask or a divine nourishing mask, including one weekly into your routine
will keep time at bay. I’d recommend products from either of our lines, Sanitas and
Image, perfect for your day or night routine –

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