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The holiday season is fast approaching, which means busier schedules, longer to-do lists, and elevated stress levels. If we don’t take time for ourselves and invest in self-care, it can lead to burnout and tension. Bah Humbug! This month we’re going to talk about the benefits massage has on our mind, body, and spirit and what types of massages are available. Ahh, I feel more relaxed already!
But the holidays aren’t the only time we need to invest in ourselves. There’s a reason the practice of massage has been around for over 5000 years. Before we jump into the types of massage, let’s start with the top 5, clinically proven benefits.
I’m sure most of you know massage is the perfect tool to soothe sore, aching muscles, but, according to Best Health it offers so much more:

Stress Detox

It’s no secret; we carry a ton of stress in our muscles. Massage allows our minds and bodies to relax and release all of the stress toxins.

Anxiety & Depression Buster

Just like it does for stress, massage also quiets and soothes an anxious or depressed mind. According to the study cited in the article, patients with anxiety or depression who participated in massage were more relaxed and happy.

Improves Your ZZZ’s

When we have a good night’s sleep, we awake refreshed and feel refocused. Like we have an extra bounce in our step, and we can take on the world. Massage is an excellent option to help you sleep more soundly.

Headache Relief

It could be a dull ache or a head-pounding experience, but when it comes to headaches, they do steam from muscle tension. That’s why massage is the perfect option to assist with alleviating tension headaches.

Immune Booster

Several studies have shown, regular trips to the spa for a massage will boost your white blood cell count allowing you to fight off more germs and illnesses.
So now that we know, some of the fantastic benefits of massage, let’s look at what types are ideal for those mentioned above:

Stress & Mental Wellbeing

I’m speaking for experience when I say a Hot Stone Massage is the perfect tool to help relax tense muscles and quiet an anxious mind. This type of therapeutic massage is similar to a Swedish Massage, but the therapist uses smooth, hot stones to dig into those stressed out muscles. I guarantee you will feel like you are floating on cloud nine after an hour.

Targeting Pain

Trigger Point Massage is the perfect option if you are looking to target a specific area (ex. injury), but it’s also ideal for managing migraines or tension headaches. This technique is designed to isolate the injured and smoothes muscle tension in and around the affected area.

Muscle & Sport Therapy

While we only touch on this briefly in this post, massage is an integral part of recovery for athletes of all levels. Cupping, Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, even Reflexology can all assist with keeping you at your peak or help speed up your recovery.
So, now that you’re in the “know” about all of the goodness massages can offer your mind, body, and spirit, why not book one ASAP? At Bellagena, our highly-trained experts are here to help you relax and recoup. To book, give us a call 941-554-7546, or book online –

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