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LED and Infrared Light Skincare Part 1: Facials and Body Treatments with Bellagena Med Spa

LED and Infrared Light Skincare Part 1: Facials and Body Treatments

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Julia Padilla - Carr

Julia had the vision of creating a clinical skin care studio with the traditional spa atmosphere for many years. Julia is a Licensed Aesthetician, Licensed Electrologist, and Certified Laser Hair Removal Technician in the State of Florida.

We often talk about the damaging power of light—specifically the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.

But when the right kind of light is harnessed by state-of-the-art med spa technology, and then that technology is used correctly by a professional aesthetician, light can be an equally powerful tool for healing and nurturing healthy skin.

During this blog and the next, we’ll be talking about the healing and aesthetic power of LED and Infrared light for a variety skincare treatments. All of these LED and Infrared enhancements are available at our award-winning Bradenton med spa, in treatments provided by our licensed aesthetician professionals.

First up: LED/Infrared enhancements for facials and other skincare treatments.

What are LED and Infrared Light med spa treatments?

Red and infrared light are simply two parts of the light spectrum. Red light is a part of the spectrum that we can see as, literally, red light. Infrared light is farther down the spectrum, at a point that human eyes can’t detect.

Human skin cells are built to respond to light. Think of it as something similar to the way plants convert sunlight into energy; human skin cells also do this, but for different parts of the spectrum and in ways that mostly power their own processes (instead of the whole body).

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) can be very programmed to emit very specific parts of the light spectrum—either visible red of infrared. LEDs can even pulse between two forms of light for intervals that produce the best results according to skin type.

When harnessed through an effective LED med spa tool, red and infrared light are a non-invasive way to provide your skin cells with lots of energy and instruction to behave in rejuvenating ways. Sunlight burns your skin cells; infrared light (in the right intervals) keeps them glowing.

How does the light spectrum affect human skin?

Different parts of the spectrum affect the skin in different ways.

Ultraviolet light—the damaging, invisible light produced by the sun—is a form of radiation that our skin is designed to protect us from. The skin responds to the ultraviolet end of the light spectrum by producing more melanin. But it also undergoes a lot of damage from UV light.

The red and infrared parts are actually fuel for human skin cells to produce more collagen and other skin-rejuvenating effects. Because this is not a damaging section of the light spectrum, the skin is able to absorb these forms of light as light energy, and then convert that energy to cellular energy.

What Can LED/Infrared Light Enhancements Treat?

LED/Infrared light enhancements, as produced by the latest scientifically backed skincare technology, are used by our experienced Bradenton med spa technicians to treat wrinkles, enhance collagen production, reduce scarring, and promote overall skin rejuvenation.

Because your skin uses this light as energy, we simply determine where and what kind of energy will work best. Then we’re able to target those spots—whether as a facial or body treatment—with the right part of the spectrum for the right time from our LED technology in order to tell your skin what to do—and to give it the energy to do it.

Come to Bellagena for Bradenton Infrared Light Skincare

As Bradenton’s No. 1 med spa (as voted in 2023 by the readers of the Bradenton Herald), Bellagena provides the best combination of experienced skincare technicians and state-of-the-art LED technology to maximize the results of your infrared treatment.

Book your appointment today to see just what a difference these non-invasive treatments can make.

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