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Why A Massage After An Exercise Is A Good Idea

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Why A Massage After An Exercise Is A Good Idea

Did you know that a massage is the best way to end your exercise? The truth is, it is not really mandatory. But if you want to make your body feel good, you need to end your exercise with a massage therapy.


We all know that a good massage is something that our body needs. It is no longer a luxury to have one. With the stressful way that we live our lives, it has already become a necessity. We work ourselves hard every week and that takes a toll on our body. We need a break and a good session with your massage therapist should help your body recover.


It is the same principle that proves why a massage is the best way to help your body recover from your workout routine. Here are the 5 benefits of getting a massage after you exercise.

Helps your muscles recover

After an intense workout, your body will slowly loosen up – specifically your muscles. While you are exercising, your muscles tighten and feel like it will snap. Once you stop or slow down, your muscles will gradually loosen. This is how it recovers from the activities you just had your body go through. A massage can help make this happen faster and more efficiently.

Minimizes sore muscles

Since your muscles have been tightened by the workout, it will feel sore once it loosens up. But with a massage helping it loosen, this feeling of soreness will be minimized. Massage sessions involve stretching and kneading of knots in your muscles. Once these knots have been removed, the blood will flow properly once more. That should keep your body from hurting too much.

Makes your muscles work smoothly

Your muscles have connective fibers under the skin called fascia. These are responsible for making your muscles, work smoothly and properly. The thing is, even these fibers are worked up when you exercise. Unfortunately, they are not equipped to recover in the same way as your muscles. When these are gunked up, it will be harder for your muscles to function efficiently. A massage session after a workout will help loosen these fibers – just like what it does for your muscles.

Increases flexibility

As a massage loosens your muscles, it also restores its natural flexibility. The only way that this can be accomplished otherwise is if you keep on stretching. But we can only stretch so much – especially when we start adding the years to our age. You get to feel stiffer as you age. But if you follow your exercise with a massage session, it helps keep your muscles from becoming too stiff.

Relaxes your mind

The benefits of a massage are not just for your body – but also your mental health. To start with, a spa works hard to keep the ambiance calm and serene. That alone will relax your mind. It gives your workout a nice balance.

All in all, getting a massage after an intense exercise will help balance the strenuous physical activity and caring for yourself. It results in a well-rounded way to take care of your body.

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