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Men Need Skincare, Too

Men Need Skincare, Too

Written by:

Julia Padilla - Carr

Julia had the vision of creating a clinical skin care studio with the traditional spa atmosphere for many years. Julia is a Licensed Aesthetician, Licensed Electrologist, and Certified Laser Hair Removal Technician in the State of Florida.

June is Men’s Health Month, a great excuse to explore and promote all of the many options men have for living happier, healthier lives.

Skincare is too often labeled a feminine pursuit, which is, quite frankly, unfair to the fellas in our lives. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin, healthy in their body, and happy with their appearance.

Fortunately, even for guys who didn’t grow up with a skincare regimen, it’s not too late to start. With a few simple adjustments to your day, you can develop a routine that will make a profound difference in how you look and feel.

Protection First

June in Florida means summer sunshine. Whether you’re hitting the golf course, the beach, or a backyard barbecue, sunscreen needs to be a top priority. Put it on every day before you leave the house: face, ears, neck and limbs. Don’t forget your hands! Sunscreen is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to keep your skin youthful and healthy—and it’s so easy!


Just splashing yourself with water and hand soap isn’t going to cut it.

Yes, you should be cleansing your face in the morning and at night. But this doesn’t have to be a daunting task!

The key is to clear your pores to prevent clogging and open them up for hydration. Look for a mild, hydrating cleanser to do the trick. Your skin should feel clean but not dry or damaged.


Hydration is the cornerstone of healthy skin. (And yes, this means you should be drinking lots of water, too.) But far too many over-the-counter moisturizer products leave your skin feeling oily and gross.

When it comes to a moisturizer, you just want to maintain that soft, clean, post-cleansing feeling. And fortunately for developing your routine, there are plenty of quality moisturizers that double as effective sunscreens. That way, you don’t even have to think about adding that SPF; it’ll already be part of your daily habits.

You’ll want to moisturize at night, too. Sleep is when your body regenerates, including your skin. An effective night cream boosts this process, leaving you with brighter, more rested look in the morning.


If you’re a fan of a smooth face, shaving is probably already part of your daily routine. But of course, scraping your skin with sharp metal leaves you exposed to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and other skincare nightmares.

So the lubrication you choose for this process is key. When it comes to shaving, consider your skin sensitive even if it isn’t usually. Look for a glycerin-based shave cream with allantoin and/or aloe to protect and soothe during and after.


Exfoliation needs vary widely by skin type. But generally speaking, you’ll want to exfoliate about once a week, using either a scrub or a peeling mask.

As always, the most effective skincare routine comes down to what’s right for your skin specifically. And especially if you’re new to this, consult an aesthetician. They’ll be able to help pair your skin type with the products that work for it, making this whole process that much easier.

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