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microblading and semi-permanent cosmetics

Microblading & More: An Intro. to Semi-Permanent Cosmetics

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Over the last couple of years, permanent and semi-permanent makeup procedures have become more and more popular with women of all ages. But did you know it’s been around since the 1970’s and originated in the tattoo world before making its way into the cosmetics industry? According to Medium, it is defined as a “…cosmetic procedure that makes use of tattoos (permanent pigment of the dermis) as a way of creating designs that look like makeup.”

This month we are going to dive into the permanent makeup world and talk about procedures such as microblading, eyeliner shading, and lip shading, three of the top performed procedures today.


Microblading is a semi-permanent technique used to fill out or reshape your eyebrows. It works by drawing tiny lines that look like individual hairs, creating the look of fuller brows. Because microblading is only semi-permanent, it will take more that one appointment to reach your desired look and will require future touchup sessions to keep your brows looking their best.

Eyeliner Shading

If you’re anything like me, applying eyeliner evenly on both eyes can be a challenge, so a semipermanent eyeliner shading application may be just what you’re looking for to achieve your perfect look. Eyeliner shading is a softer approach. By using different colours, thicknesses and strokes, we’re able to reach a more natural, flattering look that you’ll love. Again, because this is only a semi-permanent procedure, touch up will be required to keep you looking fresh.

Lip Shading

Similar to eyeliner shading, lip shading (also known as lip blushing or tinting) is another option when it comes to semi-permanent cosmetics. Lip shading again used pigments injected into the first layer of your skin, crafting a more fuller, healthier-looking lip. Just like microblading or eyeliner shading, you have loads of colours to choose from that will best suit the look you are going for.

A common question that is asked when our customer’s book appointments for these types of services are, “will it hurt?” The answer, it depends. We do use topical numbing creams to decrease any discomfort you may have, and the feeling most customers note is a “sensation” rather than pain, but it all depends on the individual. When you book your appointment with Bellagena, we’ll make sure you are entirely comfortable, and all your questions are asked before we start any procedures.

So what are you waiting for? Know that you’re in the “know” about semi-permanent cosmetic procedures, book your appointment with one of our specialists today –

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