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Professional Products Equals Better Skin. Period.

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Brian Deckard

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Nowadays, there are so many beauty and skincare products on the market; it can be challenging to find a one that’s right for your skin and has the high-quality you’re looking for.

I remember the first time I transitioned from over-the-counter to professional quality products. It was like night and day. The moisturizer I used was like finding the holy grail of silkiness that left my skin feeling the best it had ever felt and looked. I was hooked! But this post isn’t about me, so let’s get into our top three benefits of using professional skincare products:

Smaller Batches

Unlike drug store brands, professional products, like our Sanitas Skincare line out of Colorado, is made in small batches using quality, locally sourced ingredients. This translates into fresher, formulated products focused on results rather than mass production.

Quality Ingredients

Next time you’re at the grocery store or drug store, take a detour down the skincare aisle and have a look at the ingredients listed. You’ll notice a lot of human-made items, including petroleum, fragrances, colours, dyes and mineral oils, which are not what your skin needs. Over-the-counter products are also “one size fits all,” limiting skin type diversity to only a handful of categories. Because of the quality ingredients used in professional products, they’re able to offer more options.

A Little Goes Along Way

Have you ever noticed, when using lower quality products, you have to use more to get the results you need or want? That’s because the formulas used are diluted for mass production and contain preservatives (see the ingredients listed in the previous section). Good quality, professional products are more concentrated and packed full of the active ingredients our skin craves. Yes, you are going to pay more up-front, but the long-term gain is undeniable. Plus, as we mentioned before, the quality can’t be beat!

In our skicare studio, we use Sanitas Skin Care out of Colorado. They believe in active, biogenic and concentrated products designed for healthy, nourished skin. Plus, all of their products are paraben and preservative-free! To learn more, pop into our studio or visit our products page –

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