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On Popping Pimples And Why It Is Not A Good Idea

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Popping Your Pimples And Why It Is Not A Good Idea - Bellagena Skin Care Studio - Bradenton Day Spa

Popping pimples is not a good idea. Yet we understand why it is such a tempting thing to do. After all, the beauty industry is always telling us how we should aspire to look like models. Their flawless skin is something that we all want to have. That is why when an acne appears, especially if it looks inflamed against your skin, we are very tempted to touch and get rid of them ourselves.

Why is it dangerous to touch your pimples?

One word – infection. In our face, we have this area called the “triangle of death”. This is the area that starts from the corners of your mouth and travels all the way between your eyebrows. Everything in between is part of the triangle.

In the middle of the triangle is the sinus. This area is filled with nerves and blood vessel – most of which are important and carried blood directly to the brain. If the skin in this area gets infected, it can easily travel to the sinus and infect the blood vessels. If that infection travels to the brain, that can prove to be fatal.

Popping pimples, if it is not done correctly can easily lead to an infection. If it is not treated, this can lead to serious complications.

But that is not all. Touching your acne could lead to further irritation. This is especially true if your hands are dirty. It could make a pimple more inflamed. Not only that, it might not heal properly. It could lead to scarring – which can be permanent.

It is very important that you resist the temptation of popping pimples. If you think that it can improve your skin, you are mistaken. What you are doing might make things a lot worse. Of course, that is easier said than done if you are used to doing it.

How to stop popping pimples

Here are some tips that will help you get over the habit of touching your pimples.

Try to keep your hands busy. If you feel like there is an itch to pop a zit, find something to do. Write something or play a video game. You can cook something so your hands will have something to do. Popping a bubble wrap is also something that you can indulge in when you have a pimple. This might feel like popping your acne – making your hand feel the satisfaction without really putting your pimples in danger.

It also helps to identify the specific times when you feel like popping your pimples. Is it when you look at yourself in the mirror? Then try to avoid mirrors for now. Sometimes, when you do not notice the acne, you will not have the urge to touch it. Or you can even place post-its on the mirror. That should help remind you that you should not pop your zits.

Prevention is also the best cure. Try to avoid the triggers that will cause your acne to break out. It may be the food that you eat, stress in your work, lack of sleep, or even the environment. Identify what these are so you can avoid them and keep the pimples from happening. Without the acne, there is no temptation to pop it.

Popping pimples may seem like a satisfying thing to do – but it can be very dangerous. Make sure that you will not put your health in danger just because you want to make your face look clearer. Taking care of your skin and consulting a skin expert should help you address acne problems. If your skin condition is persistent, go to a dermatologist.

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