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Hot stone massage - Bellagena Bradenton spa, massage and skin care

Why Is A Hot Stone Massage Good For You

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Hot stone massage - Bellagena Bradenton spa, massage and skin care

A hot stone massage is something that you should really try. It is a type of massage therapy wherein hot stones are placed on specific parts of your body. This is a great therapy for people who are feeling muscle tension and pain. It is also for those who are going through a very stressful moment in their lives – so much so that they are already suffering from insomnia. There are also chronic conditions that this type of massage therapy can help with.

Of course, you still have to ask your doctor if this is safe for you to use. Although the chances that they will not approve is quite slim, it does not hurt to make sure.

Hot stone massage benefits

A hot stone massage can give you a couple of benefits. It primarily relieves the tension that you feel in your muscles. The heat coming from the stone is able to access the deep layers of muscles under your skin. Apart from that, this massage therapy can help you with other benefits.

  • Improves the circulation of blood. By increasing the flow of blood in a particular area, to help ease muscle pain and tension. This can also reduce the occurrence of muscle spasms and increase the range of motion.
  • Lowers the stress and anxiety levels. Sometimes, pain creates stress in our body. Since hot stone massage relieves us from pain, it can reduce the stress that you are feeling because of your ailment. Not only that, the relaxation can also help you cope with stress better, thus lowering it to more manageable levels.
  • Helps you sleep better. This type of massage can help keep insomnia from happening. It is also believed to be an alternative to sleeping pills. This will also help your body restore itself while you sleep.
  • Reduces pain in certain parts of the body. Hot stone massage is proven to be effective in relieving the pain caused by fibromyalgia. If you get even a 30-minute massage, you can sleep better and longer. It will also reduce the trigger points that will cause you pain. This type of massage can also help with rheumatoid arthritis due to the moderate-pressure massage.
  • Give the immunes system a boost. After a massage, there is a noticeably lower level of arginine-vasopressin. This is the hormone that regulates the blood pressure and water retention in your body. This is believed to help improve your immune system.

What happens during a hot stone massage?

Basically, the massage therapist will place heater smooth stone on key points of your body. These can be placed along your spine or on your stomach, check, face, palms, feet or even your toes.

Oftentimes, this massage therapy is combined with others – like a Swedish massage. This type of massage uses long strokes, circular movements, tapping, kneading, and vibration to help relax the muscles. The combination will help strengthen the body and help it heal better and faster.

If you are using it to help with chronic pain, it is advised that you go through regular massage therapies. The more frequent massage you get, the better you will feel and your body’s ability to handle stress will be better.

There are times when a hot stone massage is combined with a cold one. A cold stone massage can help with any inflammation in your body. But combination can help you heal faster.

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