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Reasons Why Physical Sunscreen Should Be Treated Like Your Underwear

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Just like your underwear, you should always wear physical sunscreen before going out. In general, you need to wear sunscreen because it can help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

We all know that the ozone layer is already depleted. This is the protective layer that we have in the atmosphere to protect us from the direct rays of the sun. Although the UV rays from the sun prompt our skin to produce Vitamin D, too much exposure can be harmful. In fact, it can even lead to skin cancer. Not only that, it can deteriorate the condition of our skin. It can cause wrinkles, sunspots, and discoloration in our skin – specifically our face. You do not want that to happen right?

Fortunately, all of these can be avoided. But you need to take care of your skin to ensure that it is protected whenever you go outside. The answer to that is sunscreen.

There are two types of sunscreen.

Chemical sunscreen is a type of sunscreen that contains organic compounds like octinoxate, avobenzone, oxybenzone, and octisalate. These compounds help create a chemical reaction that converts the UV rays from the sun into heat. This makes it easier to be released and separated from the skin.

On the other hand, physical sunscreen contains active mineral ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that remain on top of the skin. It then deflects the UV rays – keeping it away from the skin. In simple terms, chemical sunscreens are absorbers while physical sunscreens are blockers.

Between the two, you are safer with using a blocker sunscreen because you are already protected from the sun as soon as you apply it to your skin. It also lasts longer – as long as you do not get wet or sweat from physical activities. This is also the safer option – since the sunscreen will not be absorbed by the skin. There will be no stinging feeling or irritation. It will also have a lesser chance of clogging your pores.

Of course, choosing the right sunscreen should always depend on your specific type of skin. If you have sensitive skin and you are easily irritated, you need to use the safer one – the physical sunscreen. Those who have rosacea-prone skin will also be safer with this type of  In case you have fair skin, you do not have to worry about the sunscreen looking like a white film on your skin. You also have to make sure that you bring the bottle or tube with you because you need to reapply it every now and then.

When you use a physical sunscreen, you do not have to be concerned with brown spots or discoloration – which is one of the disadvantages of using chemical sunscreen. Clogged pores will also not be a problem even if you have oily skin. All of these disadvantages are not present when you use the blocker sunscreen instead of the absorber.

As you can see, the physical sunscreen has a lot of advantages. But in case you are still confused, you can consult your trusted skin expert. Have them examine your skin to give you better tips about what type of sunscreen is best for you.

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