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What Is Electrolysis And Why Is It Beneficial

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What Is Electrolysis And Why Is It Beneficial-Bradenton_Sarasota Spa

Why is electrolysis so popular lately? If you have been frequenting beauty spas, you probably have heard about this already.

But what exactly is it all about and why should you consider getting one for yourself?

What is electrolysis?

Let us start by understanding what the process involves. First of all, this is a method used to remove unwanted hair from the body. It involves the use of a small needle – or any thin probe made of metal. This is inserted into the skin’s opening, specifically where the hair grows. The idea is to touch the hair follicles so a low-level electrical current can pass through the probe or needle. This current will destroy the hair follicle. Once that is done, the hair is now unable to grow back.

That means electrolysis uses electric current to kill off the hair follicle so that the area of your skin will no longer grow any hair. This is usually done on the face, shoulders, neck, underarms, arms, bikini line, back, legs, abdomen, and chest. The specific areas on the face that are usually treated includes eyebrows, cheeks, hairline, around the lip area, the bridge between the eyebrows, sideburns, and even your chin.

This process can be quite slow and will involve several sessions. At least, it has to be repeated to completely destroy the hair follicles. This can take between several weeks to months to complete. After every treatment, your skin will feel tender and may sometimes appear red and swollen. If you want the hair to be permanently removed from your skin, this is one of the best options for you to try out.

Benefits of electrolysis

Of all the other options to remove unwanted hair, why should you choose electrolysis?

We can come up with different benefits to using this method.

It is safer and more effective

Compared to shaving, pulling with tweezers, waxing, and bleaching, this is the only hair removal treatment that is approved by the FDA to be safe. Not only that, it is also known to be very effective in permanently removing unwanted hair. The others are known to be temporary and can lead to irritation like chemical burns or ingrown hair. You get none of that with electrolysis.

It works on all hair or skin types

Regardless of the type of skin or hair, this hair removal method can be used. You may have coarse, blonde, fine, fuzzy, gray, or any other type of hair – all of these can be effectively removed through this method.

It is cheaper

The sessions and the payments may seem like it is expensive. However, if you consider the fact that the effects are permanent, you will realize that this is actually the cheaper alternative. You do not have to keep on going to have yourself waxed. There is no need to keep on buying products to remove your hair. Once all the sessions are done, you no longer have to do it again.

It allows fast recovery

Although your skin will appear red and swollen and will feel tender to the touch, the recovery is quite fast. There might be some crusting on the treated skin but that is just your body’s way of healing. You just have to avoid the sun for a few days and then you should be good to go. Of course, since the hair is gone, you need to be careful and put sunscreen on your body to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the Sun.

It is painless

Finally, using the electrolysis treatment is the most painless option that you can use. Although a low-level electric current is used, you will only feel a tingling sensation. At the most, it will feel like a rubber band snapping on your skin lightly. There are numbing creams that can make even this slight discomfort go away – so it is really a painless treatment.
As you can see, electrolysis is a great option for you to have your hair removed. Consider using it to permanently remove unwanted hair from your body.

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