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A Facial A Day…

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A Facial A Day..Bradenton Day Spa, Massage & Skin Care Studio

The importance of getting regular facials, professional treatments and seeing an esthetician.

As Jordan Savage of explains, the importance of getting a facial is easily comparable to the importance of going to the dentist. “ Keeping up with dentist appointments saves us a lot of money down the road. A root canal is hundreds of dollars more than a regular cleaning. Like our teeth, the skin needs to be evaluated and cleansed by a trained professional every so often to maintain a healthy complexion” (Savage par. 1). Your Bellagena Spa estheticians take great pleasure in being your skin’s dentist because we know all of the crucial reason why a regular professional treatments is important.

Just like going to the dentist regularly, going to see your esthetician regularly can save you a lot of money and regret in the long run.

Take facials for example. After receiving a facial, you will notice your makeup applying more smoothly and evenly with less product being used. “An esthetician deeply cleanses and exfoliates the face, allowing all your products to fully absorb and do their jobs properly. Having your skin examined by a professional can also teach you a lot about what products are appropriate for your skin type” (Savage par. 3). It can also save you money on expensive anti aging procedures in the future (Savage par.4).

An Esthetician’s primary goal is to help clients with their skin care needs: whether is be for acne or aging or anything in between (Why Do I Need To par. 1). Considering all factors that can affect the health and wellness of the skin , Bellagena estheticians determine what treatment is best for a client’s needs and goals: during and after procedures!

In short, Bellagena Spa wants our client’s skin to not only shine, but sparkle! Our procedures fit every lifestyle. We want you to love the skin you’re in!



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