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Life Behind a Mask

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Importance and benefits of using masks in your skin care treatment.

Picture this: you’ve had a rough day at work. You call your best friend to join you for a little  TLC. In a Sex And the City
-like scene, you grab the essentials: your favorite snack, nail  polish, and –of course–a face mask!  Face masks are staples in those plotexpanding scenes. Have you ever stopped and thought  about why?

Face masks are not simply for indulgence.  They can be quite beneficial to your healthcare regime–and then for your storybook ending. Though, it is important to know that there are different masks for different results. Therefore, the following explanations are important to review prior to meeting with your skincare professional. These are some of my personal favorites listed on Casmara’s website.


Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror / Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries     


Raquel Welch in Legally Blonde 


Do you want firmer looking skin, try Casmara’s Elixircell Treatment. “This treatment helps  to prevent the appearance of the first signs of skin deterioration”. This facial give you a  facelift effect. Your skin will be energized and toned, giving a youthful glow.


Skin lacking luster? Try Casmara’s Skin Sensations Treatment. “[This mask is] an injection  of vitamins

and minerals; the essential trace elements for skins that need to restore the  balance lost with the passage of time”. This mask provides all the vitamins and minerals you  need–not to mention, this treatment is made of 24-carat gold.

Soft Focus

For mature skin types, check out Casmara’s Rgnerin Treatment. This particular treatment  “helps to improve the visible signs of aging and general state of the skin”. After using this  treatment, visible signs of aging will be reduced!

Oily Skin

This one is a personal win-win for me! For someone who knows what it is like to suffer  from oily skin, I can honestly say that Casmara’s Shinestop Treatment is one of a kind. This  treatments deeply moisturizes and thus creates a matte finish.
Other treatments from Casmara’s website include facials for recover, dry skin, purifying,  and more. They are wonderful is your looking to look and feel your best.
Another really wonderful facial treatment is the XO8 Placenta Stem Cell Mask . This mask  “instantly firm, hydrate, and brighten the skin while simultaneously promoting collagen  production for results that last”. If you want to love your skin forever, you have to check  out this product. Talk to your aesthetician at Bellagena Spa today!


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