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What Are The 4 Massage Therapy Options You Can Choose From?

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There are many massage therapy options that can help enhance your overall health and well-being. A massage is a term used to describe pressing, rubbing and manipulating the soft tissues of your body. These include the muscles, tendons, ligaments and the other connective tissues underneath the skin. The different massage options apply varying pressures and strokes to the different parts of your body – depending on the area that needs therapy. The massage that you will choose should focus on the specific area in your body that experiences pain.

All massage sessions begin with a consultation. You need to divulge any pain that your body is feeling so the therapist can work on that area – or avoid it if that is your preference. Once the therapist understands your body, you will then proceed to the actual massage session.

Among all the massage options that you have, here are the 4 most popular.

Swedish massage

This is the most popular type of massage. It is quite gentle and involves long strokes to the body. There is also kneading, tapping, circular movements and vibrations to help relax the tissues in your body. If you are not used to getting a massage or it is your first time, this is the therapy that you should choose. You will lie on a table – usually face down. Your skin will be lubricated with massage oil so the strokes will be smooth. The strokes are meant to warm up muscle tissues and release adhesions (muscle knots). There usually no pain, if there is, it will be very little. This massage is meant to make you feel relaxed.

Deep tissue massage

This type of massage therapy uses slower and deeper strokes. The therapist will target the deep layers of muscles and tissue. Since the strokes are done with more force, this massage will be more painful than the Swedish massage. Make sure you inform the therapist if the pain is already unbearable. The goal of every session is to help injured muscles heal. The therapist will realign the deep tissues in your body and is effective for chronic aches. It is best to treat pain from stiff necks, sore shoulders, and tight leg muscles. It can also help with upper and lower back pain.

Sports massage

The third type of massage therapy is intended for athletes. This can be likened to the Swedish massage – but it is usually concentrated on one part of the body. Ideally, this is the part that is used in the sport. It has to be noted that athletes can go through this therapy even if they are not injured. A sports massage can help prevent injuries because it conditions the muscles of the athlete – increasing mobility and boosts muscle performance.

Trigger point massage

The trigger point refers to the are in the muscle that causes the body some pain and discomfort. This is the area that this massage therapy will target. This point may or may not be where the pain is felt. But it is the area that will be massaged to ease the pain that you are feeling. It starts with deep breathing and will involve pressure and release cycles. Most of the time, you will feel an improvement after just one session.

These are the common massage therapy options that you have. If you think that none of these can help you with your specific condition, feel free to talk to our massage therapist for a professional opinion.

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