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Hydrate Your Oily Skin!

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Why is keeping skin hydrated just as important in the summer, even if our skin seems more oily?


Summer is here! Before you head out to the beach or amusement park, be sure to stay hydrated. It’s something we hear all the time! Though, what does it really mean to be hydrated? It is only drinking gallons upon gallons of water daily? Moreover, what do you do to hydrate oily skin?   When it comes to dry skin, one thing is clear: hydrated skin is healthy skin. Dehydrated skin can lead to issues like inflammation, premature skin aging, and breakouts. You can really tell if you have dehydrated skin if you find dullness, tightness, increased sensitivity, rough texture, dark undereye circles, and fine lines.

When your skin is dry, your skin responds by making more oil; this extra oil can clog pores,  leading to more pimples. Angela Palmer of ​Very Well Health ​ explains:

“Many people confuse oil with hydration, but the role of ​moisturizers​ is to improve skin’s hydration by adding water to it. That’s the reason the first ingredient listed on moisturizers is usually water Remember: Just because your skin has a lot of oil doesn’t mean it has enough water. In fact, plenty of things—​cold weather, hot water, harsh products, and aging​—can disrupt the integrity of skin, causing it to spring tiny leaks. Before you know it, the skin  [can no longer] act as a barrier to water loss and it becomes dry” (Palmer par.  3-4).

Newsflash: Moisturizers don’t have to be heavy or greasy! In fact, most moisturizers are fast absorbing. Palmer continues by suggesting that you look for a moisturizer that’s labeled non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores. Keep an eye out for ​glycerin
​ and hyaluronic acid as ingredients too!

Products we suggest:

● Sanitas Vitamin C Moisturizer

● Sanitas Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

● Sanitas Oil Free Moisturizer

● Face Reality Clearderma Moisturizer

● Tatcha The Silk Cream

● Elf Super Hydrate


  Palmer, Angela. “Does Oily Skin Needs a Moisturizer? Yes. It’s All About Hydration.”  Verywell Health, Verywell Health, 20 May 2019, 


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