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Transepidermal Water Loss-Bradenton day spa

Transepidermal Water Loss 

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What is it? Why is it so important? What can we do to help

Transepidermal water loss, or ​TEWL
​ , is a term commonly used in skincare to explain the phenomena when water passes from the dermis through the epidermis and evaporates from the skin’s surface. ​Relax!
​ TEWL is a natural process for skin self-regulation. However,  circumstances such as injury, low-humidity weather conditions, and topically applied products that dry out the skin can impact TEWL. “Transepidermal water loss can contribute to a variety of unwanted skin conditions, including a more pronounced appearance of​ fine lines and wrinkles​” (Skin better Science). It can also cause dryness and dehydration. All of this makes proper skincare even more important!

What can you do?   

● Maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a high-quality probiotic into your daily vitamin  routine
● address BOTH hydration and moisturization ( “hydration” addresses the water  content of your skin, while “moisturization” measures skin’s ability to hold on to  those water molecules)

● The combination of glycerine & Seaweed extract draws moisture to your skin, while the argan, olive, coffee, coconut oils along with the shea & cocoa butter help to repair the barrier to keep the water in.

If you’re not sure which moisturizers are the most appropriate for your skin type or condition, consult your esthetician for a professional skin evaluation and recommendations for the most effective skin care products and ingredients.

Our suggestions: 

● Microcurrent Facial Treatment

● OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Facial

● ETwo Facial Rejuvenation


“What Is Transepidermal Water Loss and Why Is It Important?” Skinbetter Science®, 16  June 2017


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