Bellagena is a skin care studio and med spa located in Bradenton, Florida
My Experience with Bellagena Spa-Bradenton day spa

My Experience with Bellagena Spa

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Brian Deckard

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As a beauty blog writer in the growing field of online journalism, I am often asked how I am able to write so much about spa treatments. To be specific, I ’m asked how I’m able to write on the quality of the procedures featured at  Bradenton’s Best Spa: Bellagena. There is really only one true way to accurately describe Bellagena’s professionalism. You have to experience it!   Just like you, I’m a happy client of  Bellagena. I pick my treatments based off of the personalized suggestions of my esthetician, Julie Padilla-Carr. Just like any other client, I was first asked about my preferences and concerns. I  expressed the dislike I felt towards my forehead wrinkles and acne. Both concerns were met with not only understanding but with solutions. I was able to begin my journey with Face  Reality products chosen by Julie for my specific needs (I happen to have combination/oily skin, by the way). Julie was able to hand pick the perfect products based off of what she noticed during my Zen facial.

The facial consists of four different procedures that are meant to promote a fresh new look while clients are completely overcome by relaxation. First, Julie started with a cleanse and lymphatic drainage; it was probably my favorite part of the entire facial. The lymphatic drainage massage, meant to promote a natural detox with reduced bloating, was a cooling sensation. It felt like all the cracks and crevices on my face were replenished and repaired.  That and a little bit of facial cupping was absolute bliss!

At first, I was a little skeptical about the gua sha and oxygen mask. I had done my research on gua sha previously, but I didn’t know how rubbing a rose quartz stone on my face would personally
benefit me. As for the oxygen mask, I hadn’t done any research and was going in blind. The results from the combination were thrilling to see. I loved the sensation of the cold stone scraping the surface of my face to get the blood circulating. If the gua sha was high, the oxygen mask was the relaxing downer. Both were intense feelings but in opposite respects. The gua sha warmed my face while the oxygen mask cooled.

A harmony between the two intense procedures was created by the exfoliation by dermafile. The stainless steel tool made with diamond (yes, diamonds) removed the top layer of dead skin. My skin felt velvety smooth and I wanted to touch it all day. However,  I’m not mad that I wasn’t able to. The following steps ( acupressure with a hot towel, ear reflexology, and application of post-treatment products ) required me to continue to enjoy my horizontal position. After all this pampering, I felt like I had fresh, rejuvenated skin.  Little did I know that my body would match the pure bliss I felt after my facial.

Mary Giroux welcomed me onto her massage table with open arms. Mary and I exchanged pleasant conversation while she targeted the pain in my shoulders and feet. She kept in mind my lifestyle choices, such as my occupation and diet, and used the information to focus her energy into getting my achy body to feel better. She took on each limb,  one-by-one and tediously rubbed out every knot. After the session, I felt like a teenager again. I felt like I could maybe even run a marathon. Stress, who?  I’m so excited for my next visit to Bellagena Spa. I’m always so satisfied with their dedication to wellness and beauty. I love not only being a happy client, but also one with the team.

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