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Why taking care of your neck and décolleté is just as important as your face?

I find more often than not that many of my friends include applying a skin care regime to only their face. For a long time, I was doing the same. It wasn’t until I was spending tons of money at a dermatologist that I found out that I was seriously neglecting my neck and décolleté. “Estheticians incorporate the neck and décolleté into facials because we know these areas are just as important to treat as your face. These areas show the first signs of damage, loss of collagen and elastin. Basically, they show your age ” (Skin Bar par 3).

Our neck and décolleté do not have the same amount of reparative oil glands compared to our face. According to Diana Santo of Gold Elements Spa, “It [also] has limited melanocytes.  These are the cells that protect our skin from the UV rays. That means it can easily be damaged. This can lead to saggy skin, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.” It’s hard to undo the damage that’s already been done! 

Further, your neck and décolleté is just as exposed to the rays of the sun as your face! 

Though, we usually only put sunscreen on our face. Since it has fewer melanocytes, that makes sunscreen all the more important. Even when the sun isn’t out, the UV rays can still penetrate your skin and do damage (Santos Reasons 2).

You also must be diligent and add your neck and décolleté to your cleaning routine. “Our  face is not only cleansed with a facial wash, but it is also exfoliated, toned and applied with  moisturizer.” Even washing at the sink, it’s important to massage your products past your chin! (Santos Reasons 3) .

And if you are like me and prefer to sleep on your side, your décolleté will be in danger of developing sleep wrinkles. “Not only will this result in unwanted lines and wrinkles, but it can also show sagging on your chest. Remember, this part of the skin has less elasticity. So when it sags, you will have a hard time making it firm once more” (Santos Reasons 4).

You won’t have to worry about premature aging if you take time and care of your neck &  decollete area. Be sure to check out Bellagena’s Spa facials for great packages on neck &  decollete care. During your consultation, your esthetician will determine what products will best suit your needs and recommend any additional treatments that will provide maximum benefit to your skin.


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