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The Truth About   A New Year’s Resolution-Bradenton day spa

The Truth About   A New Year’s Resolution

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The coming of the new year can be both really stressful and really inspiring: New year; new you! We all want the opportunity to better ourselves and make this YOUR year. Many try new diets or fitness regimes. Others try to health themselves spiritually. It’s a good sign of growth to set goals.


According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.
Shainna Ali Ph.D., a writer for Psychology Today, explored the reasons why we are unable to keep up with our resolutions.
According to Dr. Ali, there are four reasons as to why you can’t maintain your New Year ’s resolution.


Your goals aren’t clear.  

Do you know where your goals came from? Why are they important to you? How would achieve these goals influence your life?
If you can’t answer this question, you may want to consider rethinking your resolution. It’s easy to say that you have a goal; it’s harder to understand it and flesh it out. “[C]rafting vague objectives can cause you more psychological distress. The crucial component is tailoring tasks that align with who you are and where you wish to be” (Ali par 2).

You feel overwhelmed. 

And understandably so! It’s certainly not easy to make a Jurassic change to your lifestyle.  There is a constant pressure to ‘hurry up’ and ‘keep up’. Where do you even start? “[E]ven if you do know where the journey starts, looking at the long road ahead may cause you to feel as though it’s too much, too soon. These factors may cause you to quit before you even start” (Ali par 3).

You feel discouraged.  

The process of change is not instant. You can grow tired of waiting for results. As Dr. Ali puts it, your thoughts begin to snowball as you decide it is even worth continuing. “On one hand, your methods may be adequate and you simply need more time. On the other hand,  rigid adherence to your strategies may cause you to be blinded at the other possibilities that may promote goal-attainment” (Ali par 4). Do you continue or just quit?

You’re not ready to change.  

You may be interested in change, but are you actually ready? “[F]ailure to thoroughly  consider the corresponding what, when, where, and why may cause you to lack the ability  to truly ask yourself if you are currently ready to make the necessary changes.” Lack of motivation can kill any hope of completing a New Year’s resolution (Ali par 5).


Instead of trying to strain yourself this New Year’s, try:

1. To be honest with yourself. Figure out what’s important to you so you can set a goal that comes from YOU.

2. Stick to one thing to work on. Your best bet is to pick a goal the promotes a healthy mind and body.
3. When it comes to setting goals, stick to the SMART method. That means making  your goals:






Be account, but go easy on yourself! Tracking your progress is key (Welch).

You’ve got this! 

A Happy New Year (and a happy new you) from all of us at Bellagena Spa.


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