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Preparing for Prom -Bradenton day spa

Preparing for Prom 

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Tips to be skin-ready for the upcoming prom and graduation seasons.

Some of you may be thinking: Prom?! Already?! To the surprise of many, prom and graduation isn’t actually that far away. In fact, I bet a lot of your friends have already started looking for the best deal on gowns or tuxes (and maybe even the best date *wink*).

Prom and graduation season always causes stress on clients. How can you even think about finding the best outfits if your skin isn’t up to par? Luckily, we are rolling in the skin care tips just in time for clear skin by May.

Healthy skin without blemishes does not happen overnight. It is certainly a process, so starting early and being consistent is key. It also starts from the inside out.  consulted with A-List facialist Joanna Vargas about what exactly to do to get ready for prom and graduation. Vargas explained that you should “[g]et serious about what you
eat….Junk food causes breakouts, so try to eat more vegetables and fruits .” (Teen Vogue  par 2)

Another way to ward off acne is to keep up with exfoliating your skin. Two day a week is ideal. However, “If you’re having trouble with breakouts, scrubs can actually spread bacteria all over the face and make the situation worse. Opt for a mask instead” (par 3).

While keeping up with your daily routine, you might also want to seek out our very own  Julia Padilla LE. She is Bellagena’s Certified Acne Specialist and in charge of the Face  Reality Acne Program. Here’s a little bit about the program:

“Face Reality has designed a program specifically for acne sufferers. It is a proven regimen including treatments and at home product use.  This program requires work on your part, with your treatment  program, lifestyle changes and your compliance with the product  regimen.”

If you’re serious about having picture perfect skin for prom and graduation, I  strongly urge you to check out this program.

If full on acne canceling programs are a little bit out of your budget, you can try some DIY masks and scrubs at home! “Make your own calming mask  with yogurt, honey, and strawberries…. [or] you can DIY a special formula  using almond oil and brown sugar!” (par 4).

It’s never too early to have a beautiful, healthy complexion. It’s a necessary piece for any outfit or formal event! Bellagena Spa wishes you a fun, safe prom and congratulations on all of your accomplishments.


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