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The Benefits of Waxing 

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Waxing or Shaving: Bellagena Spa talks about how waxing should be your choice every time!

Are you tired of wasting time and money shaving your legs, arms, or bikini line for the perfect summer look? I’m sure every person you know would agree. Shaving sucks! But what could you do to achieve that effortlessly hairless look without the hassle?  This month, Bellagena Spa is telling you to consider waxing. The list below is some of the benefits of waxing.

Waxing Lasts!

Unlike your nasty razor blades, waxing is a longer lasting solution to hair. Waxing works at the root of the problem–literally! By pulling hair out of the original source, the results of waxing could last up from 3-6 weeks. You are definitely getting more bang for your buck.

Less Ouch!

Contrary to popular believe, waxing doesn’t hurt nearly as much as an accidental cut by a  razor. “Knicks from shaving can lead to ugly scars on your face and body. It is more of a  threat if your skin is prone to discoloration following a cut” (Siddons par. 3). Painful razor bumps and irritation are also avoided with waxing.

It’s Healthier to Wax!

Unlike shaving, hair grows back slowly after waxing. Moreover, the hair grows back feeling softer than prior to waxing because of the dead skin cells that are lifted along with the unwanted hair. This also creates soft, smooth skin. Further, “some gels used in waxing are  no-heat chemicals and allows easy washing off” (Siddons par. 8)

If you’re looking for a specific wax, such as a Brazilian or bikini wax, check out Bellagena  Spa Waxing and Tinting services. We believe that personal grooming shouldn’t be a chore.

Bellagena’s Waxing Services: Bikini to Brazilian

The Alaskan : (traditional Bikini) Just a little off the sides.

The Californian: (landing strip) Keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The Hawaiian :(small landing strip in front)

The Floridian : (traditional Brazilian) Nothing’s left. That’s right, Nothing!

Click the link below for prices and more waxing services:

Relax and just breathe!



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